Updated HUB Meeting Times

We have changed our meeting cadence to the following:

  • EU Meeting / every first Tuesday of the month at 8AM PST
  • US Meeting / every third Tuesday of the month at 2PM PST

Our next meeting will be on 02/21/2023 at 2PM PST for the US meeting and 03/07/2023 at 8AM PST for the EU meeting. We have also updated this at https://calendar.openpower.foundation/ in case you want to attend.

Hi Lance,
Sounds good! Please send me the invite.


  • Sameer

You can subscribe by logging into https://calendar.openpower.foundation/ and finding the HUB calendar there. If you have any issues doing that, please let me know!

I just removed the calendar invite I had sent from my own calendar. I did this to try and reduce confusion on when the next meeting will be (which will be 3/7 at 8AM PST). I’m working on sending an update via the OPF calendar.