LibreBMC SIG - Call for Participation


The charter for the LibreBMC SIG has been approved by the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) and the Board of Directors (BoD).
This charter is for the Special Integration Group of the LibreBMC project.
A short reminder, this is a public, non-confidential SIG working group, where non OpenPOWER Foundation members can also participate in.

This is the Call for Participation to all OpenPOWER Foundation members with any interest in the LibreBMC SIG.
We ask you to submit your interest to participate in this SIG working group within the next fourteen days before Wednesday 26th of May.
Please respond with to this discussions thread.
Mention your name, company, timezone, and email address (if you want to mention this publicly)

Thank you,

Please count me in for the LibreBMC SIG.


Hello, I would like to join the SIG. I work for IBM in UTC+9:30.