LibreBMC plans and future

Hi All,

I appreciate all of your insights and efforts as we worked together to shape the LibreBMC project and move the ball forward. We made great progress we now have OpenBMC running on the Artix FPGA in the DC-SCM Form Factor and booting the AC922. Special thanks to Code Constructs for moving the ball over the finish line! It is clear from activities and meetings at OCP that DC-SCM is becoming a well adopted standard and that an FPGA solution is very interesting in this space. I expect to see a great deal of activity and interest in this project over the next year.

It is time now to transition the project and set the goals for next year. Due to the upcoming holidays, I have decided to cancel all remaining meetings for this year and start fresh on Wed Jan 25th. Please try to join that call and invite anyone else you think will be interested as we look to re-energize the project and map out the future for 2023.

At that meeting, we will do the following:

  1. Discuss any remaining old business

  2. Introduce new members (Axiado)

  3. Discuss next steps and potential goals for 2023:

a. X-86 support

b. Performance improvements

c. Add support for the new POWER core

d. Build a new AC922 interposer due to hardware issues with the existing one

e. Add support for ECP5

f. Add simulation (renode?)

g. Find other ways to lower the barrier to entry – can we get a set-up running on a hub.

h. Others?

  1. I will be step down as co-chair. We will accept nominations for the vacated co-chair position and vote on a new co-chair.

Thank you all and I will be sending out invitations to the meeting in the coming weeks and will be announcing this on slack as well.

Todd Rosedahl

Brand Technical Specialist: Power Portfolio

(507) 250-3275