LibreBMC Member Introductions

As you participate in LibreBMC, please post a reply to introduce yourself to the group.

Name: Paul Lecocq
Company: IBM
Title: Program Director, POWER Open Hardware

Hello all, I am a 20+ year employee of IBM. I have worked across many aspects of hardware design including all areas of ASIC design, logic, PD, hw validation and test; large custom CPU design from entry level designer to chip lead, and concept to final product support. My recent experience is around system architecture, coherent accelerator attach focused on FPGAs, and now learning how to work in open source projects. I am experienced with IBM and Xilinx tooling and learning to translate that to open tooling.

In my personal life, I am married with two “children”, college students really. My hobbies are Ultimate Frisbee, Poker, Boating, Hunting, Fishing, basically any other outdoor activity. I have a love of good BBQ, beer, and bourbon :).

I am looking forward to working in this community and learning from others with varied backgrounds.

I’m Priyanshu Mishra, computer Architecture and Digital Design Enthusiast, a functional Verification trainee, currently working on Power Cores! I Love the concept of Open-source where we collaborate with excellent professionals in the field of computing as well as Novice (like me).

Though I’m an inexperienced in this huge field of computing, my main focus is mostly on learning/designing reconfigurable Architectures, Single and Multi-core/ManyCore Architectures, Cache coherence, Heterogeneous Architectures, DRAM Architectures and microarchitecture… specialized accelerators etc.

Looking forward to learn from all amazing peoples here and contribute to this community.

Thank you @lecocq Sir, it will be my pleasure to learn from your experience in across all hardware design aspects.

Thanks all the team members

I am Toshaan Bharvani, from the company VanTosh, we are an OpenPOWER Foundation member.
Currently I am also the Technical Steering Committee Chair of the OpenPOWER Foundation.

VanTosh is a small company, doing software development, software deployments and cloud/hosting solutions.
We mostly do open source software and obviously support POWER.

I am a software engineer with a good understanding of hardware.
My knowledge of FPGA’s and soft-cores is new, however I do have software development experience.
I am an open source supporter and security/privacy aware.
I am already involved with some open source project, events and communities