ISA specification source code


Is the source code for ISA specification published anywhere? If yes, could you point me out the link to the source code? If yes, does OpenPOWER intend to publish the source code? Can I make a request so that the code is released? If yes, where?

Thank you for your help1

Hi - do you mean the published ISA spec?

The ‘Instruction Set Architecture’ spec versions (pdf) are downloadable here:

There are also some opensource cores in GitHub:

OpenPOWER Foundation · GitHub (a2i, a2o)

(Sorry - I got sidetracked several times.)

I interpret this as a request for the word processing source for the ISA.

The existing published versions used Framemaker, and there’s no plan to make the source for those available. The source for the next version is in latex. The conversion to latex and resolving a number of style issues are the main motivations for the next version. We hope to make the source available relatively soon after that version is published.