How to get a new PVR for processors follow POWER ISA

The microwatt project got a new PVR 0x0063 from IBM. How to apply for the new PVR from IBM side?
Add Processor Version Register (PVR) of 0063 · Issue #221 · antonblanchard/microwatt (

hi Xing, you need to write - and submit - an RFC (Request for Change)

if there is any information missing that you are unable to find please let us know here without hesitation, as it means that the procedures (and website) are not sufficient. feedback on how to submit RFCs is warmly welcomed.

Hi Luke,

Thanks for help. I have written and submit one RFC for the new PVR.

If there’s reason for debate about this, we can have it. But in my opinion, RFCs are for architecture changes. This is simply a resource allocation request that has no impact on architecture.

If this is the same request that you made before, for a 2.07B level of core, I apologize for the lack of timely response. The internal speculation was that since this is for a level of the architecture predating the donation by IBM to OPF, it needs to be serviced directly by IBM rather than via OPF. There was also some question about the design heritage of the core, which would potentially affect the assignment. Resolving these questions was supposed to be done by people above my pay grade. If the questions were resolved, the answer never got back to me. I’ll try to find out what happened.

It is the same request I made before. I just found the microwatt PVR issue resolved and raised the request to OPF again. Please help to find what I need to do to get a new PVR assigned if RFC is not the right way. Thanks.

apologies Xing, Microwatt is v3.0 compatible and therefore covered by the OpenPOWER Foundation, the EULA and so on, and it is the OpenPOWER Foundation that covers v3.0, v3.1 and so on. i was not aware that the PVR you were asking for is for a v2.07 core, and would not have advised you to raise an RFC to the OPF ISA WG page if i had known, apologies.

hm Brad perhaps that should be on the ISA WG RFC page?

It’s fine to add guidance somewhere about requesting PVNs. I don’t know if that’s the best page, partly because I can’t tell where it’s linked. The WG page doesn’t point to it, and I’m not sure where else to look.

sorry, i meant along thee lines “the OPF covers v3.0 and above. for Licensing earlier revisions (v2.08 and below) please contact IBM directly” or words to that effect

Hi Brad,

Any update about what happened for the 2.07b level of core PVR assignment?

0x0066 has been assigned as the PVN for the Hexin processor.